What are some memorable UGC ad examples you’ve recently seen?

  • 28 April 2022
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It’s not news anymore that the role of user-generated content has accelerated throughout the past few years. Today, UGC is a vital element of both organic and paid social content. When it comes to performance marketing, this type of creative outperforms other advertising content. The challenge, however, is producing and scaling UGC ads.

3 replies

I think comment replies are the gold standard for how UGC works in 2022 (Tiktok primarily, but im sure you could effectively follow the strategy on other platforms) - David Ma did a great intro to the concept in these videos:





Mobile gaming shows the dark side of UGC ads - influencers as “fake players” that don’t actually play the game well or just talk randomly about stuff in the game - might be effective, but endlessly irritating.

On the flip side, I think Genshin Impact (also a mobile game) employs their creators, animators, streamers, fan artists effectively to produce offbeat, experimental, but super memorable creatives - that then in turn get them tons of earned media (This compilation has 850K views, and it’s far from alone):


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I couldn’t agree more, @wburden! 🙌 Instead of reinventing the wheel every time when planning new UGC style ad content, brands that take into consideration comments from their audience will more likely to experience higher conversions. I’ve recently come across quite a few UGC style ads on Instagram that address a handful of (but at least one) frequently asked questions about the product by users. Some examples I remember are:

  • active wear (i.e. Women’s Best)
  • yoga mat (i.e. Liforme)
  • barefoot shoe (i.e. Vivobarefoot)
  • and cosmetic brands.

(Yep, I’m accurately targeted. 😂 Yoga teacher here, namaste!) Anyway! What’s one brand whose UGC ads you particularly enjoy?

Also pinging @walkowski here - what’s your favorite brand with UGC ads? 💡