Will editing ads reset learning phase?

  • 12 April 2022
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How can I prevent triggering learning phase for my ads?


Best answer by Leon 14 April 2022, 03:47

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Hi Emma,

As I understand any change will have some impact on the delivery, but only some changes reset the learning phase. I think the important thing here is to remain logical in the sense that some changes should be done regardless of the fact the cost is resetting the learning phase! Personally I would consider creative refresh and optimizations valid reasons.

I found this article which explains that the learning phase lasts roughly 50 optimization events or the outcome your ad is optimized for at that time. So if time is of the essence this can help you estimate how long the ad might take to stabilize out of the learning phase, and hence make a more educated guess of whether it is worth it.

All the best!

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Hi @Emma ,

I think @Leon ‘s advice is spot on but if you want a better understanding of what might reset your learning phase, Facebook is not super clear on all aspects, specifically when it comes to defining ‘magnitude” of change for things like spending limit but it might help...

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Thank you both! @Frank the content is helpful to answer my question but in practice @Leon’s approach - as you said yourself - is probably the most sensible one.

Here is a little screenshot about this, taken from some webinar :)