My colleagues see our ads very frequently. how can I control the frequency?

  • 7 April 2022
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I feel my colleagues are constantly telling me about the fact they are presented our Facebook ads. Is there no way to control this? 


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Hi @samurai !

I’ve looked into this recently so let me try to take this one on.

The first thing is to establish is whether this is a real issue in the sense that it affects a large number of people as opposed to a few colleagues which might be targeted due to the nature of their work making them appear as relevant on Facebook. You can do so by checking the frequency over the last 7 days, while its not an absolute truth, and it would depend in part on the type of product ass well, over 7 would be considered very high.

If we’re talking about a small number of impacted people, then it might be wise to attempt adding an audience exclusion to avoid unnecessary costs altogether. After all your colleagues should be familiar with your brand already! Again, the nature of the product can be a factor here too. Product with very long sales cycles might warrant excluding recent purchasers for a given period of time; whereas if you’re dealing with FMCG then that might not be the way to go.

Finally, Meta does share some information about the different campaign objectives that allow frequency control in this article. Do note, as is highlighted in their article that capping frequency effectively lowers the total impressions in the auction pool which results in a higher CPM.

At the end of the day everyone’s situation is slightly different, so you need to find what makes sense for your case, and if no empirical evidence exists run the tests to make the right decisions.

Hope this helps!

Thanks @Leon much appreciated!