Introduce yourself here, I'll go first!

  • 7 February 2022
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Introduce yourself here, I'll go first!
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Let’s get started! What better way than a round of introductions.


My name is Frank, or at least that’s the name I was given by the Community Team when they created me. When you see me responding to a topic in the community you know its a Smartly reply. To be honest if you see anyone with the Smartly icon next to their profile pic it should be safe to assume you’re talking to someone from

It is still early days for the community so I’m yet to create a real personality for myself, but I hope I can be a good ambassador of our brand. In theory though the less you see me the better the community is working - at least in the long run -  since the goal is for members to interact. Rest assured though I’ll do my best to ensure questions get the answer they deserve.

If you ever have issues with the way the community works you can reach out to the community team by replying to any email, or sending one to


Your turn now!

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Hi everyone, I’m Orshi the Community Manager of our brand new Community. I’m based in the Smartly HQ in Finland where summers are truly one-of-a-kind with the midnight sun on the horizon, and winters are always covered with snow.

I’ve been working as a social media marketer for nearly 7 years, and have had experience with both B2B and B2C businesses. At Smartly, alongside @Greg, I’m part of the Customer Experience Marketing Team, where we work hard to bring you colorful events around modern advertising and provide you networking opportunities.

Besides community management, I also teach yoga at a local studio in Helsinki. I’m passionate about people, creating meaningful connections and inspiring others. Do you have any questions, comments, feedback, or do you simply want to connect? Drop me a line anytime! Namaste.

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Hi friends! I’m Alex - ex-Smartly, now current #1 Smartly evangelist :) 


In my past life at Smartly I helped lead the Managed Services team in NYC (need help running your ads or scaling channels? hang with managed!) for the last 3+ years where I was able to really dive into paid social and adTech. Now I’m brand side to a FinTech company, Albert, where we’re trying to democratize financial literacy and opportunities. I’m doing my best to run paid social over here (only 2 months in) and get my feet wet with brand side tools. 


My experience leans heavily in DR app businesses but have dabbled in ecom, sports betting, and maybe others - so shoot me a question about anything if you have it! 


I love all things digital, watching bad tv, and hanging with my lil pup Pumpkin. :v:

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My name is Greg Fournier, I’m French but somehow I’ve gotten rid of most of my French accent, having always lived abroad. I’m currently based in sunny Singapore, so if you see me replying at odd times, now you know why!

At I’m part of the Customer Experience Marketing Team that brings our annual Sofa Summit and other exciting social advertising events to life. I’ve worked most of my life in Marketing, and getting our Smartly Community off the ground has been my latest (and still ongoing) project. 

When I’m not working on our Community I love playing basketball, and at the ripening age of 39, my stereotypical love for food and cooking does not exactly work to my advantage. But after all “Laughter is brightest where food is best.