Community icons, ranks, badges, leaderboards... What are all these?

  • 29 November 2021
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Community icons, ranks, badges, leaderboards... What are all these?
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If you’re new to the Social Advertising Community, you will see plenty of icons and badges floating around. They all have their uses and meanings, and this article will help you make sense of them all.

Profile Icons ⭐️

You might have noticed that some people have different small icons appearing in the left bottom corner of their profile pictures. These represent user roles and are not controlled directly by members. Our staff gets the bolt, and customers get a bright star. This means you can easily spot employees (aka Smartlies) and fellow customers. Here is an example of a customer, Leon:


Ranks 💬

Besides people’s usernames, you’ll also notice taglines like “Just Browsing Member”, “Curious Member”, “Power Member”, or something similar. For example, our customer, Leon is a “Helpful Member”. These taglines are members’ ranks that can change over time; or based on individual engagement within the community. You’ll also see a progress bar that will appear after a while and measures your increasing credibility as you progress. Additionally, most employees are shown as a “Smartlie”, but you might also spot a handful of “Community Manager” taglines. You’ll discover all ranks as you go!


Badges 🚀

In addition to icons and ranks, we’ve also created a badge system. Badges represent a distinction that is awarded to the most accomplished community members. Note that unlike customer and employee icons; badges are not visible in members’ profile pictures. Instead, you’ll find them when hovering over someone’s profile picture, or opening their full profile. Badges are divided into three categories as follows.


1. Community Badges

These reward community-related activities, whether it is your ability to provide the best answer consistently, your active participation in certain category areas, or your ability to think outside the box. They are awarded based on merit by our community managers; or automatically based on engagement or actions in the platform. Community badges are not a “collect them all” type of series but rather tokens of appreciation for the kind of community member you are. Some community badge examples are “Answer Guru”, “Innovator”, or “Team Player”.


2. Value Badges

At, we live and breathe six values:

  • Maximize Learning
  • Humble Hungry Hunter
  • Work Smartly
  • Build Trust
  • Take Ownership
  • Act Customer First

Since our values are the cornerstones of how we work and behave at, we couldn’t leave them out of this badge system. The value badges are very special, and primarily awarded to Smartlies, however, we’re delighted to expand their availability to all community members! Curious about the meaning of each value badge? Learn more from our Culture Handbook


3. Academy Badges

Have you heard of the Academy? We established it in 2019 with the purpose of helping our customers master the platform and unlock the power of social advertising at scale. In the Academy, we offer on-demand tutorials, best practices, and extensive courses that provide certifications upon completion. The currently available Academy courses are:

  • Ad Buying Foundational
  • Creative Foundational

So, we’ve turned these certifications into badges in the community. Academy badges signify that you have recently demonstrated your knowledge of our product by passing an official Certification exam in Academy.



Finally, leaderboards in the community are split into two types; one for all members and one for Smartlies only. Simply put, they show the ranking of the most engaged users based on a proprietary point system built around the idea of promoting engagement with various topics, conversations and providing great answers. You can check the leaderboard from our community homepage on a weekly and all-time basis. We don’t share details around this as the goal isn’t to game the system but to make the Community fun to use and rewarding.


Are you ready to get started? Welcome to the show!

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Looking forward to collecting some badges and a fun addition with the Values!