TikTok’s consumer journey from discovery to participation

  • 29 March 2022
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TikTok’s consumer journey from discovery to participation
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In the spotlight today: 

TikTok and social shopping.


The news: 

TikTok’s retail consumer journey is not linear from top to bottom. It's an infinite loop of discovery, consideration, purchase, review, and participation. (Source)


The details: 

By now you already know that content on TikTok stands out from content on any other social media. You know that TikTok’s community is one-of-a-kind as it’s more engaged than users on any other social platform. But did you know that the purchase path on TikTok also differs from the rest of social channels?


According to a recent global TikTok study focused on the retail consumer journey, the path to purchase on this platform is not linear. Instead, it’s an infinite loop where users buy products at any stage of the journey. While shopping on other channels usually happens based on a top-to-bottom linear funnel, throughout the TikTok purchase path, consumers often enter, exit, and re-enter at different stages according to their needs.


TikTok’s infinite loop consumer journey

The study also revealed that 49% of TikTok users scroll their feed to discover something new, and 44% prefer branded content that is fun and entertaining. They want to find new products, services, and brands that are presented in an authentic and fun way.


Here’s how to #WorkSmartly: 

As a social advertiser entering the TikTok ad sphere, we suggest making your creatives with the infinite loop journey in mind. Consider the five stages (discovery, consideration, purchase, review, participation) when scaling your creative game in this channel. Since TikTok is a platform geared towards entertainment, incorporating the human experience of joy can bring you tremendous results.


What’s one product or brand ad you’ve spotted on TikTok simply because it was presented in an authentic way?

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